Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy as a fish ...

The French are "happy as a fish in water" and they are also "April fish" on the first of April. This year, April 1 is on Saturday, so my group of artists and craftspersons is doing a special long weekend exhibit "Happy as an April fish" ("Heureux comme un poisson d'avril"), and the theme is fish and the sea. A new experience for me to create a jewelry collection with this kind of theme - very interesting to work with techniques I know in a new way!

glass fish with flat crystals

earrings in a variety of styles

four different bracelets - the one in the front has charms on a chain that
I dreamed up with aluminum rings and two-holed hematite beads

the two fish are hand-made and came from a gallery in Prague

the chain is a Mobius knot pattern

a more casual look for this necklace

not all fish are blue and silver

a colorful chain that picks up the fish colors

perhaps my favorite necklace in this collection

definitely casual

And to see what the nineteen other creative types are coming up with, click here!

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