Friday, August 22, 2014

Creating Collections - Chain Mail

I've been making chain mail jewelry for five years now, but it certainly doesn't seem like it! I think it's because every time I use different colors, it feels like I've just learned a new weave. Chain mail continues to float my boat enormously, and I had fun this spring putting a variety of color arrangements together. Plus, I added a new touch to my chain mail necklaces ... see below!

Two Byzantine chains: one in red and silver on one half, with the inverse on the other half; and one in good summer colors of hot pink, orange, and purple, highlighted with silver.

Here are four different color combos for the chaos weave, which may still be my all-time favorite!

The shop owner who requested these collections also wanted some chain mail pieces with pendants, and there are some very interesting glass pendants out there ...

The black and turquoise necklace has a 3 + 3 chain with a big flower pendant. I had to make the necklace longer so that the pendant rested properly on the chest - it really needed to be right at the top of the cleavage. (This is my pet peeve about jewelry at the moment - there seems to be a lot creativity without practicality. If wearing a piece is uncomfortable or difficult, then something is missing in the concept of the piece.)

This is an orbital weave in pastels to go with the pendant which is green with flecks of blue and copper.

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