Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things!!

I'm back at work, and happy to be there!! My goal this year is to do two art fairs or shows, and of course I like to add to my own collection from time to time. So here's what's new since 2012 began ...


 These shimmery cat's heads were a gift, and I like accenting them with different colors to highlight a charm bracelet (this may be the year of the bracelets!).

 Mauves and pinks (this may also be the year of the light box - I need to be able to take better photos!).

One of my favorite kinds of necklaces: pick a color and round up all the odds and ends beads in that color, which in my stash are almost always vintage beads, and make a sautoir - it's been a while since I've had a blue one!

COLORFUL - Not much commentary needed here ...

 CHAIN MAIL - Still loving every minute of it!

 These two are a variation of the Byzantine weave. I learned the bottom bracelet, but I wanted something more filled in, so I adapted how the units were connected, which gave me the top bracelet.

 This is an orbital weave, and I'm currently working on a rainbow necklace in this weave to show off a pendant that I received as a gift ... stay tuned.

And this weave evolved out of a special order; it can't possibly be original with me, but I arrived at it under my own steam!!

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