Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time to Rev Things Up!

Just this week, I received an invitation to do a small show in December - adding that to the two I already have on the schedule means that I have to get to work!!

I like starting with necklaces ... I'll get to earrings and bracelets later. In the mail several weeks ago came this Chinese chalk turquoise, dyed in many different colors. I played with various combinations of the colors, a small bead between each chip/nugget strung randomly with regard to color. I tried dark blue, but I really love black mixed with multi colors, so I decided to sort the colors and set off each one with a big black bead. And this is the result (before and after):

Stones are it at the moment, and they are big sellers ... on one of my first posts, I showed a necklace that had moakite - this one has moakite in three different forms. I like the effect of the ocher and mauve tones, even though they are not colors that I wear myself!

Bon weekend!


  1. I love moakite too, as you well know.
    Check out the QCI Blog M&T have posted like crazy overnight and everyone looks as if they are having a great time.

  2. Judy, sounds like you will be busy preparing for 3 shows. Know you will have fun with the designs and putting things together. The Pardon Pin was a popular item at auction. Thank you for donating it! The auction made over $2,200.
    The 2009 Meeting was great fun. I'm now back home and ready to take a nap. LOL ~ Sarah

  3. Judy, how talented, beautiful work you are doing!