Thursday, March 12, 2009


For 20 years that I've been putting things with holes in them on thread and wire! I don't wake up in the morning with a great idea for a necklace and then go out and look for the beads to make it. I let myself be tempted by interesting beads and then wait for the necklace inspiration to come, which sometimes takes years. I love working with glass, contemporary and vintage. These are foil glass - they have a leaf of silver inside them - and the big green ones are brand new, whereas the others are old or at least older. A lot of Venetian glass has a foil interior.

I also like to work with stones, for their geometric forms and sculptural effect. And for past five years, that's what sells the best. This stone is a jasper called moakite (there are lots of variations of this spelling ... ). I like jaspers, agates, hematite, rhodonite, and quartz. Most stones are treated to either add (or change) or to enhance the color.

And finally, I'm always interested in new techniques. I've been on a wire kick for a couple of years. I like doing these necklaces that are colored wire crocheted with beads - I had to learn how to crochet first! Lately, I've been playing with chain maille ...


  1. Wow, your new project! As if you were not busy enough..
    Now I warn everyone that I am going to bid on your beautiful purple epingle pin! THAT is MY color..and I love it.

  2. Love your crayola necklace too..what fun to wear that one!

  3. Hi Judy
    I think that moakite necklace lives in Normandy now, n'est pas?
    I love it & with Autumn upon us I shall be wearing it all the time.
    a bientot